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Golden Frog Awards » 2004 Froggie Winner - Grist Magazine

2004 Froggie Winner - Grist Magazine

For the Grist team's work in providing a fantastic environmental service - The Daily Grist.

The Daily Grist is a great educational read with a fun and upbeat tone. We find it the best source for keeping up with environmental happenings around the globe. We are certain Grist helps focus eyes on important issues and, through education, is inspiring environmental care and action.

For its great environmental efforts, positive spirit, sarcastic wit and most of all its success in environmental education, we have awarded Grist with our GreenLeap' Golden Frog Award and a $1,000 check. We hope it helps Grist's great work.

Green Fact:
Did you know that you can recycle almost anything, from CDs, cars, lumber, toilets, typewriters and brick, to videotapes, yardwaste, wire, dental film, cell phones, floppy disks, washers, paper, stereos, pipe, nursery pots and carpet?
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