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Golden Frog Awards » 2005 Froggie Winner - Environmental Defense (ED)

2005 Froggie Winner - Environmental Defense (ED)

Environmental Defense's motto is "finding the ways that work". In its work with FedEx Environmental Defense seems to have achieved this goal. Environmental Defense joined with FedEx to challenge delivery truck producers to develop a truck that would be significantly more fuel efficient and substantively reduce particulate emissions. The result was a vehicle that has a 57 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, a 96 percent reduction in particulate emissions (soot), a 65 percent reduction in smog-causing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and indeed looks like it will be cost-competitive over its lifetime. Eaton Corporation met this challenge with a hybrid vehicle that recaptures braking energy and optimizes battery versus gasoline-powered acceleration. Today, 18 vehicles are on the roads in Sacramento, California and New York City and Tampa, Florida. If all goes well with these test vehicles, FedEx plans to convert its entire fleet of mid-sized trucks (30,000 in all) to this new technology over the next 10 years.

Environmental Defense hopes FedEx's example here will inspire more delivery companies to look toward this new technology. We do too. This project has the potential to spare our air from significant CO2 and particulate emissions. For this great work we have awarded Environmental Defense with a 2005 GreenLeap Golden Frog Award and a $1,000 check.

* In the interest of full disclosure, the wife of a GreenLeap founder works with Environmental Defense, but even disregarding any nepotistic leanings, this environmental victory truly is fantastic.

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Coral reefs grow, on average, 1.5cm per year. That means it takes coral 20 years for coral to creep one foot. Reef damage has long lasting consequences. Global warming is heating seas and killing reef coral at an alarming rate.
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