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Golden Frog Awards » 2006 Froggie Winner - The Green Schools Initiative

2006 Froggie Winner - The Green Schools Initiative

For its outstanding initiative in "greening" our children's schools and their curriculum, E-Cards and GreenLeap are happy to present The Green Schools Initiative with our 2006 Golden Frog.

We are particularly inspired by Green Schools' four-pillared approach to improving school environments and education: strive to be toxics free, use resources sustainably, create a green healthy space, teach learn and engage. This clear, well-structured guiding mission has already helped Green Schools move the Emeryville, California school district to be the first district in California with a comprehensive environmental resolution to make its schools healthy and environmentally sound places to learn, work and play.

Children are our future and our future's environmental champions. We hope our Golden Frog award and accompanying check will help Green Schools truly green our schools and inspire kids to act today and tomorrow with environmental awareness and leadership.

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