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Golden Frog Awards » 2007 Froggie Winner - Surfrider Foundation

2007 Froggie Winner - Surfrider Foundation

For its outstanding work in protecting our coasts E-Cards and GreenLeap are happy to present Surfrider Foundation with the 2007 Golden Frog Award.

Using global cooperation to empower local action, Surfrider activist volunteers are building a movement of care for our coasts. This accomplishment resonates strongly with our belief that daunting environmental challenges offer great opportunity for different cultures and geographies to work together on common and important issues.

Surfrider's activist volunteers are on the frontlines protecting our coasts. Some praiseworthy examples of grass-roots activism that caught our eye:

  1. The activist led fight in Tasmania, Australia, to stop the development of a massive pulp mill without first addressing costal concerns.
  2. The work of Baja Chapter activists near Ensenada, Mexico to assure that development effecting their coasts adheres to best environmental practices and refrains from deteriorating their beaches and waves.
  3. Taking kids from the desperately poor Favelas in Rio, Brazil to the beach (a first for most of these kids) for a day of fun, learning and beach care activities.
Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, Surfrider now has over 60,000 members internationally. It concentrates on seven core areas:
  1. Stop interruption of natural beach processes
  2. Improve costal water quality
  3. Ensure healthy costal ocean ecosystems
  4. Protect waves
  5. Secure universal, low-impact beach access
  6. Motivate a global movement of care for the coasts
  7. Attain our vision through chapter-based activism Surfrider has also set for itself the inspiring vision of achieving 150 costal victories by 2010.

    Surfrider carries out its work at the grassroots level through local chapters that organize meetings, do beach cleanups, conduct water quality tests, manage community outreach campaigns, and go to classrooms and community groups to explain coastal watershed processes, shoreline ecology and coastal areas stewardship.

    We hope our Golden Frog and its accompanying financial support will help Surfrider activists continue their truly fantastic international work in caring for all our coasts.

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        » Surfrider Foundation Website

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