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Climate Change/Global Warming » Is it real?

Is it real?

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Yes, Global Warming is real -- the science is solid and even quite simple. CO2 captures and reflects heat. We now are seeing ever increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels releases CO2, and we are burning a lot of CO2.

Who thinks it is real?
Tony Blair:
"The emission of green-house gases… is causing global warming at a rate that began as significant, has become alarming, and is simply unsustainable in the long-term. And by in the long-term I do not mean centuries ahead. I mean within the lifetime of my children certainly; and possibly within my own. And by 'unsustainable,' I do not mean a phenomenon causing problems of adjustment. I mean a challenge so far-reaching in its impact and irreversible in its destructive power, that it alters radically human experience."

Bill Clinton (State of the Union address, January, 1999):
"Our most fateful new challenge is the threat of global warming. 1998 was the warmest year ever recorded. Last year's heat waves, ice storms, and floods are but a hint of what future generations may endure if we don't act now."

Al Gore:
He wrote a book and is releasing a movie on global warming. He is a true believer and is really worried about our weak response to this threat.

Jacques Chirac (after 2004 G8 Summit):
"It is absolutely obvious that global warming has started."

George H. W. Bush:
Said we needed to move the words spoken at the 1992 Rio, UN Convention on Climate Change "into concrete action to protect the planet."

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Concluded that global warming in the last 50 years is likely the result of increases in greenhouse gases.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOOA):
"The greenhouse effect is unquestionably real and helps to regulate the temperature of our planet." "Human activity has been increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (mostly carbon dioxide from combustion of coal, oil, and gas; plus a few other trace gases). There is no scientific debate on this point." "Global surface temperatures have increased."

What are the media saying?

There's been more and more coverage about global warming in newspapers and scientific journals, and thankfully, the national press has recently been giving the topic front-page attention. We hope that these features will increase awareness about global warming, and spread the word that it's indeed a hot topic!

Check out these recent mainstream magazine covers from Time Magazine and Vanity Fair:

Green Fact:
Coral reefs grow, on average, 1.5cm per year. That means it takes coral 20 years for coral to creep one foot. Reef damage has long lasting consequences. Global warming is heating seas and killing reef coral at an alarming rate.
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