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Global Warming May Trick Animals: 2/17/2000

Global Warming Turns Political for Automakers: 3/15/2000

Globe, Oceans Warming: 3/24/2000

Global Warming Predictions made for this Century: 6/12/2000

What Causes Recent Frog Deformities?: 7/7/2000

US Dept. of Energy Wants to Safely Store Greenhouse Gases: 8/2/2000

Should Forests Slow Carbon Emission Cuts?: 8/3/2000

Shorter Ice Seasons Confirm Global Warming: 9/8/2000

Oceanic Probes Set for Launch: 9/20/2000

Antarctic Ozone Hole Largest: 9/22/2000

Climate Change Creating More Nasty Weather: 9/29/2000

Panel Warns: Pollution Raising Earth's Temperature: 10/30/2000

World Environmental Conference Gathers: 11/13/2000

E.U. Welcomes U.S. Climate Proposal: 11/15/2000

Island Nations Plea for Action at Climate Conference: 11/20/2000

Delegates at Climate Conference Disagree: 11/22/2000

Climate Conference Suspended Without Resolve: 11/27/2000

U.S. and Canada Sign Air Quality Pact: 12/8/2000

US Policy Makers Turn Down Offer to Meet EU: 12/18/2000

Sweden Pursuing Emissions Agreement While Leading EU: 12/20/2000

Montreal Protocol Strengthened in New Year: 1/8/2001

Ice Core Sample Suggests Natural Global Warming: 1/16/2001

Amazon Development Plan Threatens Rainforest: 1/19/2001

Governments Agree on Global Warming Threat: 2/20/2001

Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect Confirmed: 3/16/2001

US Will Not Support Kyoto Protocol: 3/28/2001

EU Warns Bush About Giving Up on Kyoto Protocol: 3/29/2001

EU Will Push On With Kyoto Protocol: 4/2/2001

Prominent Global Figures Urge Bush on Climate: 4/4/2001

Without US, World Moves to Curb Emissions: 4/9/2001

Rising Ocean Temperatures Show Global Warming: 4/16/2001

Japan to Support Kyoto Protocol: 4/27/2001

Global Warming May Hit Harder in Australia: 5/9/2001

No Kyoto Protocol; No Matter for Some Companies: 5/16/2001

Greenhouse Emissions Trading Market Forming: 5/31/2001

Panel To Bush: Global Warming Real: 6/8/2001

Bush Recognizes Global Warming Threat: 6/11/2001

Major EU, Japanese Industries Support Kyoto Plan: 7/11/2001

Kyoto Protocol Talks Resume: 7/16/2001

WWF Plans Measures to Save Arctic: 9/17/2001

Kyoto Protocol Talks Reopen in Morocco: 11/1/2001

Antarctic Ice Sheets Thickening: 1/18/2002

Nov. to Jan. Temperatures Highest Ever: 2/25/2002

Dutch Poised to Pass Kyoto Treaty: 3/1/2002

Common Pollution Linked to Cancer: 3/7/2002

Ocean Depths Losing Oxygen: 3/15/2002

Cleaner Energy a Viable Alternative: 3/22/2002

Tree Rings Show Temperature Trends: 3/29/2002

Another Iceberg on the Loose: 5/10/2002

U.S. Climate Report Admits Global Warming: 6/5/2002

Global Warming Promotes Disease: 6/26/2002

Alaska's Glaciers Melting Quickly: 7/22/2002

California Passes Tough Auto Emissions Law: 7/24/2002

China to Ratify Kyoto Protocol: 8/26/2002

Some Climate Change Unavoidable: 9/23/2002

1997 Indonesian Wildfires Boosted Global Warming: 11/11/2002

Arctic Sea Ice May Vanish by Century's End: 12/3/2002

Global Warming Affects Species' Habits: 1/3/2003

Ocean Trends May Encourage Droughts on Land: 2/7/2003

Recent Extreme Weather to Continue: 2/28/2003

Russian Industry Favors Kyoto Protocol: 9/8/2003

Working to Terminate Global Warming...: 3/30/2004

Hurricane Havoc: Climate experts recently testified to the U.S. Congress that global warming could spur stronger, more destructive hurricanes. 9/23/2004

Studies: Climate Change is Here and Now: Two recent reports on global warming document an alarming number of changes to the environment due to human activity and paint a dire picture of changes on the horizon. 11/10/2004

Weird Science: The oil giant ExxonMobil has poured more than $8 million into think tanks, research institutes and public relations operations that work to influence the public perception of human-caused climate change. 4/20/2005

Little Energy for Energy: Recent decisions in the U.S. Congress regarding global warming, fossil-fuel emissions and funding to reduce pollution. 6/27/2005

Not so Pacific in the North Pacific: Changes in the ocean's temperature on the Pacific coast have resulted in dwindling marine wildlife populations. 7/14/2005

Turning the Tides: Nine Northwest states are coming together to enact emissions-reducing standards along the same lines as the Kyoto Protocol. 8/24/2005

Polar Meltdown: Recent efforts by environmental groups to declare polar bears as endangered under the Endangered Species Act due to global warming could spawn a change in climate change-related policy. 12/20/2005

Global Warming – Melting Ice, Not so Nice: The melting of our poles is happening faster than previously foreseen. In a vicious circle, the melting of our poles caused by warming weather actually further warms our globe. 4/5/2006

Global Warming – Animals Feeling the Heat: Global warming-related habitat pressures are pushing animals large and small on the brink of extinction. 4/12/2006

Coral Reefs Dying - Global Warming to Blame: Coral reefs are invaluable habitats for a dazzling array fish and invertebrates. but are one of the earth’s most endangered habitats, and global warming seems largely to blame. 4/18/2006

Global Warming: When is There No Turning Back?: Scientists say that we are close to facing a tipping point - a point after which the damage incurred by global warming and unchecked CO2 emission will be irreversible. 5/2/2006

Expanding U.N. Program Combats Global Warming: A new United Nations' program called the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) that encourages renewable energy use in poor countries is growing rapidly, according to the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat. 6/12/2006

Rising Temps, Falling Rocks: Scientists in Switzerland believe that at any moment 5 million tons of rock will crash down one of that countries most famous mountains. 8/11/2006

Ozone Layer Healing Slower Than First Believed: According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations' Environmental Program (UNEP), the planet's ozone layer is indeed replenishing itself… but more slowly than originally believed. 8/23/2006

Encouraging Victory in Fight Against Global Warming: California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has signed the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. 9/29/2006

Global Warming Impacting Environment at Faster Rate than Previou: The adverse effect global warming is having on both flora and fauna has surprised ecologists and biologists alike who had previously thought that the warming induced changes they are seeing now wouldn't take place for a number of years. 11/22/2006

"Bearing" Global Warming's Cause: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing that the polar bear be listed as a "threatened" species under the Endangered Species Act. 12/28/2006

Dire Warning about Global Warming: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the first volume of its Fourth report titled "Climate Change 2007: the Physical Science Basis" warning that the rate of climate change has been accelerating. 2/12/2007

Supreme Court Rules Carbon Dioxide a Pollutant under Clean Air A: The Supreme Court, in the case of Massachusetts v. EPA, has ruled that the greenhouse gas CO2 may reasonably be considered to be a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. 4/13/2007

Global Warming Racing at a Faster Rate: Researchers report that the earth is warming much faster than previously thought. They cite increased fossil-fuel intensive, human activity and, a new twist -- a decrease in the amount of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere by oceans and plants. 11/9/2007

Un-bear-able Heat: One of global warming's most looming threats is its potential to upset well established equilibriums -- species embracing unique and specific relationships with their environments will find their existence threatened. 4/15/2008

Amazon Keeping its Cool: If tasked with designating a heart for the world, the Amazon Rainforest would certainly be a candidate worthy of consideration. Each year it helps oxygenate our planet and absorbs a tremendous amount of its carbon dioxide... 2/14/2011

Green Fact:
The average coral reef is 6,000 to 9,000 years old. But our actions are threatening the survival of most reefs. Global warming, which causes coral bleaching, is probably the greatest single threat to reefs today.
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