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We all must consume in order to survive; as living beings we need food, air, shelter and more. However, experts warn that rampant consumption, as practiced in the United States and other industrialized areas, is not sustainable.
Just 12 percent of the planet's population, living in North America and Western Europe, accounts for 60 percent of all private consumption spending, according to the Worldwatch Institute.

Where do I stand?
How big is your ecological footprint? Redefining Progress and the EarthDay Network have created a quiz to illustrate the impact of our decisions about consumption.
» See how you tread on the Earth!
How can I be an Earth-friendly consumer?
How can you be an ecologically friendly driver?

Sustainable Consumption
Why do your consumption habits matter? What impact do they have on the planet and other people? How can you change them? Read about it at the Sierra Club.

Consumption Manifesto
What is a concerned consumer to do? The Worldwatch Institute has created a guide for responsible consumption. Read the manifesto.

Turn the Tide
Pledge to follow nine simple steps to ease your impact on the environment. Join the Redefining Progress campaign to Turn the Tide.

Eating Green
What is good for your body and for the planet? Learn about organics, community supported agriculture, eco-friendly restaurants and more. Read more at Sustainable Table.

Green Fact:
Hundreds of migrating sea turtles are threatened every year by commercial fishing boats dragging metal nets to dredge for scallops. All five species of turtles are threatened or endangered, but the U.S. government has yet to take action.
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