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And for 2012...
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2012 Golden Frog Winners

GreenLeap and E-Cards are delighted to recognize the outstanding environmental achievements of organizations dedicated to supporting nature and the environment.

About our Award

Each year, GreenLeap and E-Cards give a portion of their revenue to environmental organizations. This is one way that our two organizations try to "do well, while doing good." The Golden Frog Award recognizes and highlights particularly creative, dedicated and effective environmental groups or projects. Past "Froggie" winners are noted below. If you know a great 2012 candidate, please let us know.

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Thanks for all your Support

The GreenLeap and E-Cards teams would like to sincerely thank E-Cards members and our very generous Golden Frog supporters who make this award possible and given it some leaping might!

Previous Golden Froggie Winners

2009 - 2011
We chose to do something slightly different with our Golden Frog Award these last few years. Rather than honor just one organization, we decided to recognize several: We split the award between some of our past Froggy winners. We felt these organizations were still engaged and having impact in important and impressive campaigns. We hope this unique awarding of our Golden Froggie will provide them a bit of extra momentum in their efforts.

Global Footprint Network
Global Footprint Network developed the "Ecological Footprint" as a way of advancing ecological accountability and understanding. We at GreenLeap and E-Cards are particularly inspired to see Footprint Network motivating groups around the globe to use the Ecological Footprint as a means of measuring the sustainability of their actions.

Surfrider Foundation
Surfrider activist work to preserve natural beach processes, improve coastal water quality, ensure healthy coastal ecosystems, protect waves, assure low impact beach access and motivate a global movement of care for our coasts. Surfrider Foundation has set for itself the ambitious goal of achieving 150 coastal victories by 2010.

New American Dream
New Dream's website, online tools and publications help its community better evaluate the environmental impact of every day actions and purchasing decisions.

The Green Schools Initiative
Green Schools' four-pillared approach to improving school environments and environmental education presents a clear and compelling vision for our children.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
The NRDC's information-packed web site highlights the group's campaigns on energy, global warming, wilderness preservation and public health.

Environmental Defense (ED)
Environmental Defense joined with FedEx to challenge delivery truck producers to develop a truck that would be significantly more fuel efficient and substantively reduce particulate emissions.

Grist Magazine
For its great environmental efforts, positive spirit, sarcastic wit and most of all its success in environmental education.

Green Fact:
Even though frogs are amphibious, and spend much of their time submerged in water, they never swallow a drop. Instead, frogs absorbing oxygen via their skin while underwater. Moisture is imperative for this process to occur.
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