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Golden Frog Awards » 2006 Froggie Winner - The New American Dream

2006 Froggie Winner - The New American Dream

For its outstanding work in building, inspiring and empowering a community of environmentally thinking individuals, E-Cards and GreenLeap are happy to present New American Dream with the 2006 Golden Frog Award.

New Dream challenges its community to be socially and environmental conscientious in its actions and buying decisions. Live consciously, buy wisely, make a difference is New Dream's vision for its community. They have been particularly effective in helping consumers and institutional buyers evaluate the implications of their buying options and then organizing purchasing power to positively influence the market place.

Publications, e-mail newsletters, web-base community activism, letter-writing campaigns and responsible buying contests are all tools New American Dream shares to empower its diverse community of kids, parents, concerned individuals and institutions decision makers.

New American Dream's dream of seeing America become a place where individuals have greater social and environmental voice and a place where they can find "more of what really matters in life" is a dream we can get behind. We hope our Golden Frog and its accompanying check will help move this dream forward.

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