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About Us

Greenleap was founded as an extension of E-Cards and its founders' core values and aspirations. We believe that the Internet is a place where companies can truly "do well while doing good". With your help, we are demonstrating that responsible businesses can be a powerful force in saving Earth's remaining scarce resources.

Who we are
We are a small, dedicated team working on the Internet from San Francisco. We hope Greenleap is as fun for you to browse, as it is for us to manage, design and develop.

About our site
Greenleap is intended to be a fun, informative and interactive place for people of all ages to learn more about wildlife and the environment. It offers bulletin boards so that visitors may post their remarks on environmental subjects, an area where they may learn how to donate to specific nature organizations, and some fun acivities designed to educate -- as well as entertain.

Our Mission
To build an Internet website that:

  1. Informs and Delights

  2. Characterizes a Sense of Community

  3. Embodies Education, Environmental Concern, International Diversity, Social Consciousness and Aesthetic Beauty

  4. Benefits Wildlife

Our Passion
This is a work of passion. We provide this site to help make our world a better place, to fulfill our personal dreams and goals, and to inspire others to do the same.
We are delighted by the ongoing growth of Greenleap and the enthusiasm of those who have visited. We are grateful that our values are shared by so many caring people around the world. We may not end the destruction of our environment today, however bit by bit, we are trying to make a difference!

Thank you for your support.

Green Fact:
Great new uses for plastic containers include using them as cereal bowls, to store leftovers, as a water or food dish for pets, use to store toiletries like cotton balls or to use as a flowerpot (poke holes in the bottom).
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