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Golden Frog

Golden Frog Application Form

  • The GreenLeap Golden Frog rewards outstanding environmental achievement.
  • Winners receive both a "web trophy" and a monetary contribution from GreenLeap and E-Cards.
  • To identify organizations eligible for this award we'd like your input and help. If you know of an outstanding environmental organization, or program within an organization, we'd love to hear about it!
  • See info on past Golden Frog winners: Froggie Winners
Environmental Organization:
Organization's Website:
Organization's Focus:
What has this organization done exceptionally well this past year?
What measures of accomplishment demonstrate this organization's effectiveness in helping save and protect our environment?
Does this organization have future projects planned, that could use funding for success?
Is there anything else that we should know about this organization?
Your Name:
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Green Fact:
Chimpanzees and humans share one very unique quality, they each make tools. Like mankind, chimps have opposable thumbs on their hands, which allow them to pick up objects between thumb and forefingers.
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