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Trees & Forests
Forests are a vital habitat for much of the planet's bio-diversity. Yet, despite their importance, we are destroying our forests at an alarming rate. As populations grow more and more forest land is claimed. Learn more about forests in this area and send a free forest E-Card!
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Forest/Tree E-Cards
» Send a forest/trees E-Card to friends and family

World Forests are in Danger
Forest systems have been depleted by almost 40 percent in the last 8,000 years. » See a visual reprentation

Paper Consumption is Still Rising
Has the digital age helped us reduce our paper consumption? You be the judge. » See who consumes the most paper

Trees/Forest Bulletin Board!
Have something to say about the trees and forests of the world or want to read notes posted by others? » Visit our tree board.

The Legacy of Luna
Check out this journal recounting Julia Butterfly's amazing odyssey of forest activism -- two years living 180 feet above the ground in a giant redwood; a call to stop logging of old growth, redwood forests.
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Forest News

Plant a Tree – Justify Your SUV

Though planting trees is certainly a noble action that does have positive impact, some environmentalists are worried that planting programs are just a means to assuage our consciences and are not as effective as often portrayed.   »

Wolves Change Yellowstone’s Ecosystem

With the introduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park, the park's vegetation, water quality and animal distribution has vastly changed.   »

Do Jet Skis belong in Yosemite?

The Department of the Interior has attempted to quell debates over the purpose of America's national parks.   »

Tsunami Alien Plant Invasions

New species on foreign plants, introduced by the December tsunami, are threatening Sri Lanka's biodiversity.   »

Life-Saving Mangrove Trees Destroyed

After the December tsunami, Indonesia is planning on moving measures to protect and restore mangrove forests forward, while a Bahamas island off the Florida coast is pushing to destroy magroves and put a new resort in its place.   »

Green Fact:
Coral reefs grow, on average, 1.5cm per year. That means it takes coral 20 years for coral to creep one foot. Reef damage has long lasting consequences. Global warming is heating seas and killing reef coral at an alarming rate.
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