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Oceans & Seas
The world's oceans face serious threats. Climate change, pollutant run-off, over fishing and reef destruction are all jeopardizing the health of our oceans.

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Protecting Ocean Life

The Pew Charitable Trusts' has a comprehensive report on the state of the oceans.
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Don't Eat Me!

Overfishing is seriously threatening these fish species. Watch out for them in restaurants and grocery stores. Don't put them on your plate. Urge your local restaurant or grocery store to stop stocking these threatened creatures.
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Go surf...

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Oceans News:

Alaskan Cold Water Coral Preserved

A new U.S. government rule taking effect on July 28th will protect 370,000 square miles of the ocean floor, where unique coral gardens lie, from bottom trawling. It will result in the largest protected marine habitat in the United States. 6/30/2006

Bush Designates Massive New Marine Preserve

A newly designated U.S. national monument is set to become the largest oceanic marine preserve in the world. Recently, President Bush unveiled a plan to protect the vast area, which surrounds a chain of islands northwest of Hawaii. 6/23/2006

Global Warming Melting Ice, Not so Nice

The melting of our poles is happening faster than previously foreseen. In a vicious circle, the melting of our poles caused by warming weather actually further warms our globe. 4/5/2006

Harvesting "earthworms of the sea"

Ecuador has lifted a ban on the commercial harvest of sea cucumbers in the Galapagos Islands. 6/2/2005

Aral Sea Gone in 15 Years

Moscow's Shirshov Institute of Oceanology reports that Russia's Aral Sea (once the fourth largest inland sea in the world) is evaporating so fast that it could be gone within as few as 15 years. 7/23/2003

Altered Oceans

Check out the Pulitzer Prize winning series from the L.A. Times' Kenneth R. Weiss. Weiss, reveals "how man has choked the oceans with trash and basic nutrients--killing advanced sea life, making people sick and effectively reversing the course of evolution back toward 'the primeval seas of hundreds of millions of years ago.'" The online series includes video and photography that moves visitors into a bleak, but powerful and moving story on the state of our oceans.
Visit the Altered Oceans Series

Mother Jones

Mother Jones Magazine is offering an on-line version of the March/April 2006 "Fate of the Oceans" issue. Topics include pollution, industrial fishing and the impact of global warming on marine life. Visit the link below to learn more:
Mother Jones Magazine

Just the facts

Coastal areas, where the ocean meets the land, bear a disproportionate burden of the human population and are particularly vulnerable to pollution and other environmental threats.

According to a recent federal report, poor water quality and rampant habitat destruction paint a dire picture of coastal health in the United States.
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Green Fact:
Hundreds of migrating sea turtles are threatened every year by commercial fishing boats dragging metal nets to dredge for scallops. All five species of turtles are threatened or endangered, but the U.S. government has yet to take action.
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