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Help wildlife and the environment! A percentage of every purchase that you make from our GreenLeap Affiliates below is donated towards environmental conservation and wildlife protection. In the past, E-Cards has donated to WWF, NRDC, Environmental Defense, and Grist Magazine. Thanks!

Drink your coffee in sustainable style with a signature GreenLeap mug!
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This GreenLeap tee is made of 100% organically-grown cotton and manufactured in the United States without sweatshop labor!
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Start your baby off on a green foot with these froggie creepers!
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Plants purify indoor air by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and trapping and absorbing many pollutants.
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Contribute to wildlife and the environment by shopping from this link at!

Dan's Chocolates
Dan's Chocolates donates a percentage of each order to charities such as Teach for America and America's Second Harvest.

The Body Shop carries natural skin, body, hair, makeup, bath and gift products, that are not tested on animals..

Come Explore Abundant Earth!
Abundant Earth offers natural and organic health & wellness oriented products, including crafts, bedding, furnishings and jewelry.

Green Fact:
Every year, 1.2 billion gallons of untreated sewage are dumped into our nation's waterways.
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