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Take Action
Make a Financial Donation
Financial support for enviromental organizations is a great way to make a difference. You can donate from your computer, through 100% of your donation will go to your selected non-profit!

Donate Online:
Center for a New American Dream
Environmental Defense Fund
Grist Magazine
Marine Mammal Center
Natural Resources Defense Council
The Nature Conservancy
Sierra Club
Surfrider Foundation
Trees for Life
World Wildlife Fund

  Make your Voice Heard
Take online action! Below are links to online petitions focused on protecting nature and the environment. Contacting your local and national representatives can make a huge difference - they represent YOU!

Support an Online Petition:
Help Lions, Snow Leopards and more
Save Endangered Species
Clean Car Pledge
(Clean Car Campaign)
Help Save Endangered Wild Places
(National Parks Conservation Association)
Help Support US National Parks
Pledge to reduce your Global Warming footprint

globe bullet Support GreenLeap and E-Cards
Help us grow and improve this site!
GreenLeap has been developed in our spare time. All work on the site has come from donated time - we have not taken revenues from it. Donated time and dollars do help, but another great way to support our efforts is to support E-Cards, by joining "My E-Cards!"
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globe bullet Send a GreenLeap Action Card!
Motivate your friends and family to do their part to stop global warming with an Action Card!
» Action Cards

globe bullet Join the March!
Join GreenLeap's virtual march to stop global warming. The more people join, the more strength we will have urge our government to address global warming, and urge business to start a new industrial revolution of clean energy that reduces our dependence on oil.

globe bullet Pledge to cool global warming!
Make a pledge in our global warming mosaic to curb your global warming footprint.
» Pledge Now!

globe bullet Call for Action on Climate Change on April 14th!
Thousands of events have been scheduled across the United States. Take part in an event going on in your area!
» Learn More!

globe bullet How YOU can stop global warming:
» A great list of everday steps to take
» Neutralize your Pollution
» Save Fuel
» Cool Stuff for a Cool Planet

globe bullet Volunteer in your Community
There are thousands of ways to help the environment in your community, whether it be volunteering with a local environmental non-profit or working on restoration projects. Search the (link below), or contact an environmental organization in your area to explore opportunities. Great for kids, too!
» Find volunteer opportunities!

Green Fact:
Even though frogs are amphibious, and spend much of their time submerged in water, they never swallow a drop. Instead, frogs absorbing oxygen via their skin while underwater. Moisture is imperative for this process to occur.
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