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Recent Extreme Weather to Continue

According to a new report by the World Water Council, our planet has experienced unusually extreme weather in recent decades -- and this trend is likely to continue indefinitely. More intense rainy seasons, longer dry seasons, stronger storms, and rising sea levels are all predicted for the upcoming century. Each phenomenon, the study goes on to note, will have a greater impact on humanity as population increases and people move to areas cited as environmentally vulnerable -- such as coastlines. Likewise, economic losses from such catastrophes are predicted to go up as well. And though it is difficult to show exactly what is causing this recent extreme weather behavior, most climate experts do believe that pollution from human activity is playing a major role.

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Coral reefs grow, on average, 1.5cm per year. That means it takes coral 20 years for coral to creep one foot. Reef damage has long lasting consequences. Global warming is heating seas and killing reef coral at an alarming rate.
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