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Reduce Auto Emissions

Fact: Each gallon of gas used by a car contributes almost 20 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Assuming an average of 1,000 miles a month of driving, a single car would generate 120 tons of CO2 over the course of a year.

  • Get your car tuned up: If cars are regularly maintained, they will run more efficiently and therefore use less gasoline. Less gasoline used, in turn, means fewer pounds of carbon emissions in the air.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated: By not maintaining proper tire pressure, you car expends more fuel to travel any distance -- short or long.
  • Ride your bike: Try riding your bike to work once a week, or walking to your friend's house -- Both you and the environment will be healthier for it.

Julia Butterfly Hill, One makes the difference, HarperSanFrancisco publishers, pg.59

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