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Catalog Waste

Fact: "More than 17 billion catalogs were distributed in the United States in 1998 - about sixty-four for every man, woman, and child. Not surprisingly, catalogs use a lot of paper - 3.35 million tons of it in 1999. The use of so much paper comes at a significant environmental cost. Paper is the fourth most energy-intensive of all manufacturing industries and one of the most polluting."

Action: Ask to be removed from mailing lists. Stop unwanted mailings selectively or generally. Write to the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service (MPS) for a general stop to all mailings. Ask catalog companies who catalogs you don't want to stop sendings stop all catalog companies from reselling your name and adress info. |Learn More|

Environmental Defense

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Green Fact:
Environmentally friendly gifts for birthdays include movie tickets, a bike light, travel mugs, cloth napkins, a bicycle, diaper service, a lunch box, a worm bin, a solar powered calculator, bus passes, and tree-free stationery!
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