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Over packaging

Fact: Ever receive a gift packaged within endless depths of styrofoam popcorn, or inside an unnecessarily large box? Staggeringly, one-third of America's total garbage is packaging materials. Even though minimal, protective packaging costs companies that ship often much less -- and will save recipients of such packages the hassle of breaking down huge boxes or other supplies used.

  • Insist, whenever possible, that your shipping company use biodegradable "popcorn" or ask them to place fragile items in old newspaper -- much like moving companies use.
  • Buy personal hygiene, home-cleaning, non-perishable foods or other products in bulk. You'll save money and help save the earth simultaneously.
  • When buying a few items at a local store, ask them to use only one bag for as many items as possible -- or take your own canvas bag to the shop with you. You may also find that you need no bag at all (if your purchase is small) -- let the shopkeeper know this too.

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Green Fact:
Great new uses for plastic containers include using them as cereal bowls, to store leftovers, as a water or food dish for pets, use to store toiletries like cotton balls or to use as a flowerpot (poke holes in the bottom).
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