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Over packaging

Fact: Ever receive a gift packaged within endless depths of styrofoam popcorn, or inside an unnecessarily large box? Staggeringly, one-third of America's total garbage is packaging materials. Even though minimal, protective packaging costs companies that ship often much less -- and will save recipients of such packages the hassle of breaking down huge boxes or other supplies used.

  • Insist, whenever possible, that your shipping company use biodegradable "popcorn" or ask them to place fragile items in old newspaper -- much like moving companies use.
  • Buy personal hygiene, home-cleaning, non-perishable foods or other products in bulk. You'll save money and help save the earth simultaneously.
  • When buying a few items at a local store, ask them to use only one bag for as many items as possible -- or take your own canvas bag to the shop with you. You may also find that you need no bag at all (if your purchase is small) -- let the shopkeeper know this too.

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Green Fact:
The average coral reef is 6,000 to 9,000 years old. But our actions are threatening the survival of most reefs. Global warming, which causes coral bleaching, is probably the greatest single threat to reefs today.
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