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GreenLeap News » Expanding U.N. Program Combats Global Warming

Expanding U.N. Program Combats Global Warming

A new United Nations' program called the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) that encourages renewable energy use in poor countries is growing rapidly, according to the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat. Part of the larger Kyoto Protocol, which is meant to curb global warming by reducing fossil fuel use, the CDM allows richer nations to claim emission credits if they invest in renewable energy projects in poorer developing nations. For example, a participating country might build solar power plants in Guatemala. In doing so, that country could then offset some of its domestic greenhouse gas emission levels by claiming credits for its development of the renewable energy plant abroad. Overall, the CDM aims to cut global greenhouse gas emissions by more than a billion metric tons by 2012. Currently, annual greenhouse gas emissions stemming mostly from fossil fuels used in power plants, vehicles and factories exceed 25 billion tons worldwide. The United States alone emits roughly a quarter of this total amount.

Source: ABC News

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