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GreenLeap News » Russia and the US to Protect Polar Bears

Russia and the US to Protect Polar Bears

The United States and Russia, concluding several years of negotiations, are signing an agreement Monday to increase the protection of polar bears in the arctic region of northeastern Siberia and Alaska. Bear management decisions would be made by new commissions in both Russia and the United States. Protection policies will include establishing quotas on how many bears can be hunted for subsistence by native tribes, putting polar bear denning areas off limits and banning the use of aircraft, traps or snares to hunt bears. Currently, it is estimated that there are 3,000 polar bears in the Siberian/Alaskan tundra. However, without further protection, man's desire for their hides and gallbaldders (used in some traditional asian medicines) will continue to reduce the total population of these unique bears.

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